Sunday, November 06, 2011


Channeling Col. Kilgore

I love the smell of income inequality in the morning.... it smells like freedom.



Again, I have to refer to Matt Taibbi as refutation, but it's not that people are richer than others; it's that people are richer than others by cheating in various ways. That's what people are complaining about. That's what's at the heart of the OWS movement.
If by cheating you mean breaking the law, then there are courses of action to be taken. If the SEC and DOJ under Obama will not take these courses of action, about whom, exactly, is Taibbi complaining? 'If there is freedom, then of course there will be richer and poorer' is my small contribution. I don't believe earning money is a zero sum game where some people only get richer if they take money from less rich people. As John Kennedy once said, a rising tide floats all boats. You can get rich by making life better for everyone, like Gates and Jobs, eg. Do you think profit is crime?
No, and I don't think most OWS protesters do. Matt's complaining about the bipartisan failure to prevent or prosecute much of the criminality, as well as the bipartisan support of what is effectively the largest and most expensive welfare state in history.

I agree that there is a way to earn money by making life better for everyone, but this is something most of Wall Street has done the exact opposite of. I'm actually a fan of capitalism, and the current system on Wall Street is anything but.
I believe if you think about it that the problem with capitalism is government intrusion. Certainly the problem with our government is not that we have a capitalistic economy.
That makes no sense.
Never admit your limitations.
I meant your position was nonsensical, not that I didn't underst--oh. I see what you did there. Very clever.
That's my boy.
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