Tuesday, October 18, 2011


Answering Obama

Here is the text of the permanently campaigning President in Asheville, NC yesterday. Here are some quotes with my responses thereto:

So, those are the choice that members of Congress are gonna face in the coming weeks. And if they vote against these proposals again; Like I said maybe they didn’t understand the whole thing. [Yeah, it's the Republicans who are the stupid ones. Who don't know that?] So we are breaking up into little pieces. If they vote against taking steps that we know will put Americans back to work right now. [We know no such thing. The pitiful few jobs the near trillion dollar Stimulus created were too costly. We just don't have the money to waste anymore] Right Now. Then they are not going to have to answer to me; they are going to have to answer to you. [I'm ready to answer]

They are going to have to come down to North Carolina and tell kids why they can’t have their teachers back. [We don't have any money] They are going to have to come down to North Carolina and look at those construction workers in the eye and tell them why they can’t get to work doing the work that America needs done. [Because we don't have any money] They are going to have to come down here and explain to working families why their taxes are going up [The only people wanting to raise taxes are Obama's Democrats--this is projection] while the richest Americans and largest corporations keep getting sweet deals in the tax codes. [You mean like the deal Solyndra got?]

They are going to have to come down and explain to you why they don’t have an answer as to how we are putting Americans to work right now. [Number of Americans employed when Obama was inaugurated: 142,201,000. Number of Americans employed now: 139,627,000. Who's putting Americans to work right now?] And if they support the Republican plan, if they were to support the Republican Plan they will have to explain to you why {they'd} rather deny healthcare to millions of Americans [Not deny, just not pay for those who choose not to get it. Because we don't have any money for that] and let corporations and banks write their own rules [At least those rules would allow businesses to prosper and hire more people] instead of supporting proposals that we know will create jobs right now. [Businesses create real jobs not the Government, the only thing the Government can do is help to create a business climate conducive to hiring, something Obama and his advisers know nothing about].

This is pathetic stuff from the President. And sad.


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