Wednesday, September 14, 2011


Taking a Bold Stand

I may not have the science background of such Giants of all things medical as Jenny McCarthy and Michele Bachmann, and cracked-voice, environmentalist maroon Robert Kennedy, Jr., but I believe there has been no greater medical benefit to mankind than the development of several vaccines against viral diseases. Would that there were more. Indeed, the vaccine which teaches your body to defend itself against the virus is the only treatment there is against viral infection. Once you get the disease, there's generally nothing the doctor can do but make you comfortable (hydrated) while the disease takes its course. The Lancet study that seemed to call vaccines unsafe vis a vis autism turns out to be a sham and the perpetrators of the hoax it engendered should be tried for first degree (extreme indifference) murder for each child that did not get vaccinated, got the otherwise easily preventable disease, and died.

Strong enough for you?

I am well aware of the dangers of the vaccines. I have represented some of those victims in front of the US Court of Federal Claims. The danger of the vaccine is real but it is also really small. The general benefit from not facing small pox or rubella or polio as general outbreaks justifies making those vaccines mandatory, even with the knowledge that a small part of the population forced to get the vaccines will be hurt (very few will even die).

The anti-science Luddites who say that vaccines are bad and you should not let your children get vaccinated are idiots and should be considered for child abuse prosecution if their kids are injured by getting any disease vaccination would have avoided.

Strong enough for you?

Michele Bachmann is like Fredo to me now.


Well said!!!!! You are completely correct. Too bad Bachman and the like will continue to paint conservatives as scientifically ignorant and incompetent. That really annoys me.
I know! I expect a certain Luddite character to the left cutting one's carbon footprint, etc.) but when it's on the right (like Bachmann--vaccines or Coulter--evolution, etc.) it's particularly galling.
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