Thursday, September 01, 2011


Identify the Weapon

Here are some Libyan irregulars celebrating their recent successes in Tripoli. (Let's hope the Libyan revolution goes the way of the American rather than the French). OK what are the guns three of the front four hold? Any scifi geek knows the one to the extreme left. It's the Belgian made FN P90, made famous by it being the go to weapon of the Stargate crews in later episodes. I find it to be less useful than its cool, futuristic design. The problem is in its cartridge. It uses a 5.7 x 28mm. Think of the intermediate round we use in our assault rifles and then take away about half of the propellant. It underpowers the underpowered .223. Words cannot describe how absolutely lame that is.

The one next appears to be a AKS-74. Good weapon. I could be wrong about that. And the last one, safely pointed to the ground, is not detailed enough for me to tell. I'd guess SKS. Anyone?


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