Tuesday, September 20, 2011


Generally Matter Cannot Be Destroyed

If the general physical law--matter can neither be created nor destroyed--is true, then where is the water going?

The Warmie true believers tell us that Antarctica is melting away, a thousand gigatons of ice this past decade. They tell us that Greenland is melting away, the most it has ever just this past year. Now they tell us, based solely on computer models not observation, that the deep ocean is warming (which is where Kevin Trenberth's dagnabbit missing heat has supposedly been hiding).

OK, so if the deep oceans are thermally expanding, and tons and tons of melt water is pouring off Antarctica and Greenland into the ocean, shouldn't sea levels be rising?

They're not.

Hmmm. Usually when observations don't match the theory or computer models, real scientists re-examine the theories and models. Maybe the Warmies are completely wrong about this supposed melting and warming--a bunch of drowning men clutching at straws. Maybe their models and theories are deficient.

We have thousands of recording, 700 meter diving buoys all over the oceans. If the sun heats the ocean surface and the heat travels down, wouldn't they have recorded it?

Really, these tons and tons of melt water, where are they going?


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