Monday, August 15, 2011


Silent in the Face of Worldwide Gynocide

Noemie Emery at the Washington Examiner has a stunning view of how feminists have painted themselves into a corner by their use of the word "choice" in place of "abortion."

Women around the world have chosen lately to abort more and more female fetuses, so that about 160 million more female babies are "missing" from the world population, which seems to prefer male children and, increasingly, to be willing to do something concrete about that preference. This is awful, a holocaust for women which dwarfs the Nazi efforts in the last years of WWII. You can't be a feminist and OK with aborting females because they are females, but...

Because the feminists have relied on the marketing ploy of the word "choice" they have no moral standing to complain about the world's choice to kill many more women fetuses and they are silenced.

This karma can be very black-hearted.

I say aborting a baby merely because it is a female is a hate crime.

Beat that, feminists.

(But what do I know, I think aborting a fetus merely because a baby would be inconvenient is morally indefensible?)


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