Thursday, July 14, 2011


It Don't Add Up

There is something terribly wrong in the science of oceans and ice. What they are telling us cannot be correct. Let me elaborate.

  1. We're told the heat content in the ocean is rising, which I believe is another way of saying the oceans are heating up. We know it's an unalterable physical property of water that it expands with heat. At least half of the rise of the oceans during this interglacial is because of thermal expansion.
  2. We are told that the ice on Antarctica and Greenland is melting at an accelerating and alarming rate.
  3. If those are true, then the sea level must be rising. An expanding water volume with more water pouring into it cannot do otherwise.

But the sea level is not rising. It's falling. There is no doubt about that, the three satellite measurements of sea level currently active all agree. Our governmental agency (at nearby CU) tasked with measuring the sea level says it's fallen lately. I know it's just a short time, but it should never go down if the ocean is heating and the land ice is melting in either the northern or southern hemisphere.

There is a physical limit to the amount of water that can exist in the atmosphere (either as clouds or as humidity) which limit depends on air pressure and air temperature; but unless several laws regarding water vapor in gas have been suspended, the explanation for falling sea levels is not that the water has evaporated out of the sea into the atmosphere.

So someone is lying to us about one or more of the above three things. I have my suspicions but I'll wait for more information before I comment further.

(h/t Real Science)


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