Saturday, July 23, 2011


Thought of the Day

It seems reasonable to conclude from the planlessness and budgetlessness of the Obama/Reid Democrats that their only plan is to carry on spending without limit. Otherwise, someone somewhere would surely have written something down on a piece of paper by now. But no, apparently the Department of Writing Down Plans is the only federal expense the president is willing to cut. You begin to see why the Europeans are a little miffed. They’re passing austerity budgets so austere they’ve spawned an instant anti-austerity movement rioting in the street — and yet they’re still getting downgraded by the ratings agencies. In Washington, by contrast, the ruling party of the Brokest Nation in History has no spending plan other than to plan to spend even more — and nobody’s downgrading them.

Well, don’t worry. It’s coming. The domestic media coverage of this story has been almost laughably fraudulent: To the court eunuchs, a failure to raise the debt ceiling by a couple of trillion would signal to the world that American government was embarrassingly dysfunctional. In reality, raising the debt ceiling by a couple of trillion without any spending cuts would confirm to the world that American government is terminally dysfunctional.

Mark Steyn

The second paragraph is the truism the left seems unwilling or unable to grasp. I have enough faith in my fellow likely voters that a large majority of them get it and a palpably petulant President Obama is not convincing enough of them that it's the evil troglodyte right that is screwing everything up. NY 26 is a little troubling though.


What a complete cherry picked nothing. We're drowning in entitlement spending so we get a new entitlement, to health care. The biggest part of the reason the deficits are well over a trillion now is new spending. The other part is falling tax revenue due to the recession Obama inherited and made worse.
Yeah, but it was cool when Bush did Medicare Part D/F or whatever. Listen, I'm all for scaling back on things (as Obama says he is too), but closing tax loopholes to increase revenue should be discussed as well. And everything the republicans say is disingenuous politicking, and shouldn't be taken at face value.
I'm OK with getting rid of both the Bush medicare drug plan and Obamacare. And I've always wanted a flat 15% income tax with few deductions. See we can agree of things. Certainly not everything the right says is duplicitous, you're thinking of the left.
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