Wednesday, June 29, 2011


Taking Issue with NOAA 2010 Report

Here is coverage in the Washington Post of the just released National Oceanic and Atmospheric Administration' 2010 Report on the Climate. You can download the report here.

The two graphs shown at the beginning of the story in the Post are average temperatures of the world according to three suspect data sets (the more reliable satellite data, from UAH and RSS, are not mentioned--they're showing lower average temperatures) and loss of Greenland glacier ice (a precipitous drop) -- more on that later. But here's just a plain lie, the Post says the report says:
Sea level continued to rise across the world’s oceans on average.
No, just the opposite--all the satellite systems including the new system of diving, recording and transmitting buoys (Jason 2) say that 2010 saw a decline in sea levels. The European satellite system is showing sea level at its lowest level since the satellite started taking measurement.

The University of Colorado chart shows the same thing, a clear downward trend in 2010 getting even lower into 2011. It wouldn't upload, sorry.

Does NOAA think we can't access these measurements?

OK now about the Greenland glaciers. If the ice on land is melting, where is it going? I had always assumed into the sea, but if so, then why, if there really is a whole lot of glacier melting, is the sea level going down rather than way up?


Didn't President Obama proclaim that his selection as candidate would be the moment when the rise of the oceans would begin to slow? He did say that three years ago. I'm a little creeped out just now.

(h/t real science)

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