Thursday, May 05, 2011


Thought of the Day

What I simply want to do here in my first blog back... is remind you of the horrendous socio-political crisis we in the free world are facing today: one in which economic progress and commonsense threaten to be undermined at every turn by an insidious, mendacious and terrifyingly powerful global green movement which has its tentacles in almost every pie from the Obama administration to David Cameron’s Coalition to the EU to the UN to the MSM to the schools, universities and NGOs. The ideology of these Watermelons has virtually nothing to do with saving the environment (if it were, they’d be embracing shale gas wholesale) and almost everything to do with an instinctive loathing for economic growth combined with a bullying, puritanical urge to impose energy policy by diktat rather than by allowing the market to decide the most effective method.

James Delingpole, talking about the efforts falsely to demonize hydraulic fracturing particularly in gas wells in dense shale, which drilling breakthrough has led to a decline in natural gas prices when every single other commodity has gone up in price. Read the whole thing.


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