Saturday, April 02, 2011


What Muslim Extremists Have Learned

During the Bush (son) Administration, the Muslim extremists scattered around the globe learned that if they supported al Qaeda, or at least tolerated its presence in the country, and al Qaeda launched a major attack against us, that we would immediately invade and, largely using our air power and local opposition forces, clean the leadership's clocks and send them running away like little girls to awful places like Pakistan, etc. (where our allies the Pakistanis utterly failed to destroy them, not for lack of trying).

Under the Bush 43 Administration, tyrants of the Muslim sphere learned that if they were not friendly to us and were murderous both inside and outside their country, and ignored enough UN resolutions, that we would eventually invade, shoot the tyrant's sons, find the tyrant and turn him over to be hanged. On the other hand, tyrants who helped us fight against terror, no matter how murderous, would receive billions of dollars for the effort.

Libya's murderous tyrant, Ghadafi, learned that it was a bad idea to keep developing ABC weapons and he tried to change his spots in order to escape the fate of murderous tyrant Hussein.

There seem to be different lessons learned under the Obama Administration. Friends of America, like Egypt's Mubarak and recent road to Damascus convert Qaddafi, who were tyrants of various degrees, learned that we would not support them effectively dealing with domestic unrest and that we would actively support their countrymen's efforts to depose them, even if they used rubber bullets.

Tyrants who were our solid enemies, like in Syria and Iran, on the other hand, learned that they could put down protests brutally, with live non rubber bullets and arrests and torture, and we would do squat.

Our friends get deposed and bombed; our enemies have nothing bad happen to them, under Obama.

Those are not the lessons I want the Muslim extremists to learn.


Would you rather the US have helped put down the revolutions in Egypt and Libya? Or would you rather have seen the US do the same thing in Syria/Iran that they're doing in Lybia? Or none of the above? I'm not sure what you're getting at here.
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