Wednesday, March 30, 2011


Thoughts of the Day

I think it’s important not to take this particular situation and then try to project some sort of ‘Obama doctrine’ that we’re going to apply in a cookie-cutter fashion across the board.

President Obama

Rule 6: There is no rule 6.

Monty Python


There will never be an "Obama Doctrine" because that would require adherence to some core principles. Obama has more than adequately demonstrated that he has none.

...other than the principle of getting re-elected, that is.

How in hell did this guy ever get elected in the first place? (that's rhetorical; don't answer. Actually, it's more a wail of despair than a question.)
With you. The rubes who fell for his schtick and now regret their votes are self identifying all over the place. Even the excitable boy, Andrew Sullivan. The bad news is that we'll probably be asking how the hell did this guy get elected, again? in about a year and a half.
Gee Rog,

And to think that we could have elected John McCain and Sarah Palin. By now we would be mired in the second Great Depression w/ a foreign policy that would be characterized by what?

Meanwhile, Donald Trump leads in the early polls. I guess he has the birther vote. Paul Ryan is saying he really did not mean the GOP wants more tax cuts for the rich which means he was adhering to the doctrine according to Jon Kyl, "This is not intended to be a factual statement."

Good luck w/ all that.

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