Saturday, March 19, 2011


Getting the Bigger Picture

John Hinderaker at Powerline has a graphic equivalent of the federal government's fiscal yer 2012 budget (spending) vis a vis the tiny spending cuts the Democrats propose--6 Billion out of a budget of 3.8 Trillion. He says the proposed cuts are 1/3rd of a french fry in a McDonald's Big Mac Meal. Pretty good.

I've got one.

Consider your thumbnail the 3.8 Trillion spending (1.5 Trillion of which will exceed revenue and will have to be borrowed or printed up).

Take an emery board and lightly make one pass at the edge of your thumbnail. What you abraded off is about 6 Billion of your 3.8 Trillion nail.

Yet the liberal press (but I repeat myself) calls the 6 Billion cut "slashing" the budget. Yeah, right.

Even lightly passing the emery board 10 times over the edge of your nail would be like cutting the budget by the Republican proposed 60 Billion. Not exactly a slash either.

Now you can see why Hugh Hewitt has been going nuts about the House leadership lately. It's not nearly enough. Not even in the same universe as enough.


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