Tuesday, February 08, 2011


Sam Harris Tries Rhetoric

Here is Sam Harris in The Moral Landscape trying his hand at litotes, comic understatement:

While few scientists living in the West now fear torture or death at the hands of religious fanatics...
Few? How about none? Neither the wicked Catholics nor the knuckle dragging, southern, creationist, born again types have even tried to harm a scientist for his or her criticism of religion in over two centuries. maybe three. Few? You wanker. Christians are the favorite target of the atheist science type for ridicule. They can never be goaded to violence for mere criticism or even mockery. Kind of the antithesis of the Muslims.


I'm thinkin' that you're wasting your time on this one. Don't you have more rewarding books on your to-read pile with which to squander your [probably] scarce reading time?

If not, I have a few suggestions for you.
Thanks, I may take you up on a list, but I'm tired of abandoning books that are slow going. My next posting will be agreeing with and praising Mr. Harris. I knew there'ld be a payoff.
Oh, I love sharing books and book recommendations. I want everyone to enjoy them as I have. WW II history is a favorite:

Have you read "The Last Stand of the Tin Can Sailors" by James Hornfischer? It may be one of my top five history books of all time.

He's got a new one out about the U.S. Navy at Guadalcanal, titled "Neptune's Inferno." I just picked it up at my library & can't wait to get to it.

Another good one is "Agent Zigzag" by Ben McIntyre. About a double- (triple-?) agent during WWII.

Finally (at least for today), I've been recommended (by people I respect in such things) but have not yet read, a book titled "Black May" by Michael Gannon, about the allies v. U-boats in the North Atlantic. If you get it first, let me know if you like it.
Thanks, they all sound good. My dad was on a destroyer in the Pacific during the latter part of WWII.
If your dad is still walking the earth (giants that that generation is/was), then share with him the Tin Can Sailors Hornfischer book (may be available in audio?) -- it's about "the Battle off Samar." He'd recognize the description, I think. ...when the Japanese outsmarted & decoyed Halsey out of the way & it was only due to the courage and steadfastness of a few light destroyers that the day was finally won. Awesome book. Courageous sailors.
He took the head fake with Halsey.
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