Thursday, February 03, 2011


The Constant Search

Here is the headline: Mexico supplies electricity to wintry Texas

And here is the story.

Here, I believe, is the real reason Texas has had rolling blackouts and the need to import power from Mexico.

Texas has the most wind generators of any state and when it gets really cold, the wind dies down. Oh, and the need for electricity goes up. Result: rolling blackouts and the need to import power from somewhere that isn't squandering its energy assets on unreliable, intermittent power.


Good story. Here are some links I promised on Tuesday.

From MSNBC, saying that A) there is *no* connection to be found between Manning and Assange and B) Manning was placed under horrendous conditions as a punitive measure, by someone who had no expertise or authority to do so:

From Manning's Lawyer saying, in reference to their assertion in the previous article that Manning is being treated no different than any other inmate, that they're full of shit:

Oh, and further abuses to Manning's rights as an inmate awaiting trial (so much for "innocent until proven guilty"):

And a story in which the Pentagon admits no harm has come to anyone mentioned in Wikileaks' documents, but covers its ass by asserting that there *could* be:

Oh, and another one:

But who cares about due process and freedom of speech, right? These fuckers are guilty! Let them burn!
Quit cursing. Please. I couldn't get the josh gerstein one to open, but finally did by searching Politico for what he was talking about. Jihad Jane (Google that) recently pled guilty to all charges. Her pre-trial detention is described as 23 hours in single cell. She was a civilian not military as Manning was. When's the court martial?
Are you trying to compare the woman who attempted to murder someone with a kid who hacked into a network? Or are you trying to point out that this is nothing new, and that America has been mistreating its inmates for a long time. That would make you either insane for trying to make that connection to justify Manning's conditions or stupid for having completely missed the point.

His hearing is tentatively scheduled for the summer, pending an investigation into his psychological condition. But once he's acquitted, maybe we can just throw him into Guantanamo for "plans of terrorism" and he can rot there until he dies, since you seem so eager to lump him together with other terror suspects.
She pled out to conspiracy etc., not attempted murder. I was saying that pre-sentencing detention was 23 hours in, one hour out for both Jihad jane and soldier manning. Had he just hacked a computer, I would have been willing to agree that he deserved some rational leniency, but he didn't hack. He spied on his own country and betrayed it by releasing classified documents. He's obviously not a foreign terrorist, so why speculate on what would happen if he was. Just the run of the mill traitor, allegedly. Acquitted? He's admitted taking documents that were classified and giving them to someone else. Acquittal seems a little hopeful to me.
I thought she had attempted to kill that Swedish Cartoonist, or had planned to do so. I'm not sure the difference. Who cares.

And it's not treason if you're releasing documents showing rampant criminal activity and abuses of power by your military and government. It is the responsibility of everyone in uniform to disobey an order that is either illegal or immoral. He shouldn't be charged for doing his duty as a good soldier.
Her preparation against the cartoonist did not rise to the level of attempt, merely conspiracy. Nurenburg did indeed put a big duty on soldiers to disobey illegal orders, but the illegal part has to be malum in se, like shooting prisoners or civilians. There is nothing in the wikileaks which could stand up in court as illegal behavior which could excuse obeying an order and no excuse for Manning to release it. I hope he likes prison. I predict the rest of his life in Florence nearby.
I would hope that it would go the same way that the Pentagon Papers went, but judging by your response (and how in tune to the majority of the government's feelings you are) that unfortunately may not be the case.
Ellsberg was tried for espionage but the case was dismissed for prosecutorial misconduct (missing evidence) so like President Obama's friend and mentor, Bill Ayers, Ellsberg was guilty as hell but free as a bird. Is this a great country or what?
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