Tuesday, January 18, 2011


Thought of the Day

Is there a single world leader remaining who respects President Obama? Certainly, none fear him. He established himself as a strategic pushover more swiftly than any president in history—even allowing for the near-record times clocked by Presidents Carter and Clinton (to be fair, Clinton at least had the slickness to wheedle the occasional advantage from his foreign counterparts). Right up to the final days of the Bush administration, rogue states stepped lightly, casting a careful eye at Washington over their hunched shoulders. Today, the world’s worst actors are playing Dictators Gone Wild.

Ralph Peters, delivering a lengthy tale of failure by the Obama Administration overseas without exception. Oh, my bad, here is the one success:

[The Obama Administration] won a significant victory over Israel–the only rule-of-law democracy in the Middle East—by convincing the Palestinians that we were ready to betray our only true allies in the region and encouraging them to pull back from any hint of rational compromise. Single-handedly, President Obama created a diplomatic Intifada that set back the peace process by at least a decade.


I believe that Obama has done irremedial (word?) harm to our foreign relations, as regards both our friends and our enemies. He is sacrificing our national defense capability, as well, on the altar of political correctness and diversity. Our enemies have no respect for us; our friends have no confidence in us.

I just finished reading Dinesh D'Souza's The Roots of Obama's Rage, & recommend it for its novel theory of what drives Obama. Very different, but it does tie together some of the apparently inconsistent actions of the man.

I am fearful that Obama will fool just enough voters with his pretend compromising, and a fake move to the middle, to get re-elected. He'll then be unaccountable to anyone for four more years. During that time, I expect that he would conduct the office of the presidency along the lines of his first term, which I expect would further damage this country in all regards.

So, how do you think Hickenlooper will do as our Guv?
Except when he's doing just what Bush did (for which Bush received a lot of lefty criticism--Obama, not so much) I agree with you. I like D'Souza a lot, but I'm not with him all the way in his thesis. It does explain why he sent the Churchill bust back though. He could well win a second term, given our bench, but I doubt it will be with anything but a Republican majority in both House and Senate, so nothing too bad will happen legislatively. I don't expect a thing from the 'looper. Maybe he'll surprise us.
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