Tuesday, January 11, 2011


More Vicious Lies

Even after we know (at least in our hearts, if not yet clinically) that the overwhelming cause of last weekend's tragic shootings was schizophrenic madness, there are still people blaming the Right in general and the Tea Party specifically. Like this a-hole, Jacob Weisberg, who writes in Slate thus:
It was the anti-government, pro-gun, xenophobic populism that flourishes in the dry and angry climate of Arizona. Extremist shouters didn't program Loughner, in some mechanistic way, to shoot Gabrielle Giffords. But the Tea Party movement did make it appreciably more likely that a disturbed person like Loughner would react, would be able to react, and would not be prevented from reacting, in the crazy way he did.
Vicious, asshat liar. There is absolutely no connection between the scrupulously law abiding, leave the site of the peaceful protest cleaner than it was, Tea Party protesters and this particular nut case. His obsession with the Congresswoman he shot first started in 2007 when she didn't answer his koan/question, a year before the Tea Party came into existence.

But what about Sarah Palin? Surely she did something to egg this guy on.
Palin went so far as to put a target on someone who subsequently got shot. Whether or not the man who fired the gun was inspired by Palin isn't the point. The point is that you shouldn't paint targets on people, even in metaphor, or jest.

They were not targets, you ignorant fool. The bulls-eye (used by the Democrats and Kos) is the target. The cross hairs inside a circle, with or without mil dots, is the targeting device. Sarah Palin's marks on the map were neither. It's so common knowledge now that to repeat it as a fact is another vicious lie. Where is Weisberg's wailing at Kos and the Democrats for their targeting of Republican districts? Not in this article. Not anywhere. There's more.

Again, none of this says that Tea Party caused the Tucson tragedy, only that its politics increased the odds of something like it happening.
Lie. Neither this dim bulb or anyone else knows whether hard ball politics has any effect on nut cases. No idea whatsoever. Furthermore, in 2007, when the smudged lens in the mad mind of the shooter turned to focus forever on the Congresswoman, there was no Tea Party. There were, however, lefty libels against the President then, the Orwellian named 9-11 truther movement, which continues to fuel contempt for the Republicans (and which finds its most fevered true believers on the left) by accusing the Bush Administration of mass murder. The shooter was a 9-11 truther. I wonder if Mr. Weisberg likes apples? I wonder how he likes them apples?


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