Sunday, December 12, 2010


Watching Justice Breyer

What an insufferable prig! If the Congress passes a law which infringes on the people's right to keep and bear arms, the solution, for Justice Breyer, is, for sportsmen who like to shoot paper targets with pistols, to get on the subway and go to Maryland where there is no such infringement. The majority opinion in Heller is that there is a private right to keep and bear arms for self defense, et al. (I would add the right exists in order to overthrow violently a government which has ceased to have the consent of the governed, but that's going outside the Constitution (to the Declaration of Independence)). If the burglar is coming in your window in DC, going to Maryland to have and hold your pistol is a piss poor solution to the unconstitutional DC ban. Breyer is pretty ignorant on the history of the second amendment (he talked about Madison exclusively ignoring the input of George Mason which was substantial) and on the practical effects of his misapprehension.

UPDATE: Here, at Say Anything North Dakota's best blog, is a little more and the video clip of this High Court Idiocy.


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