Wednesday, December 22, 2010


Inappropriate Music

The right music in a car commercial can do both the car company and the artist who created and performed the music a lot of good. The best example I can easily think of is VW and poor, dead Nick Drake's Pink Moon. Wonderful. Honda is recently starting some of its car commercials with an up-beat:

A holiday, a holiday and the first one of the year...

It is not quite a match made in Heaven (because it's so annoying) and all the worse for those who recognize that those are the first lines (almost) of Matty Groves, a 17th English ballad made somewhat famous in the late 60s by Fairport Convention, Richard Thompson's and Sandy Denny's old group. The song goes on to tell the tale of a cheating wife who gets her lover killed and it ends with my favorite part, the husband, Lord Donald, taking out the wife too (they just don't write them like this anymore):

He struck his wife right through the heart and pinned her against the wall,
"A grave, a grave," Lord Donald cried, "to put these lovers in,
but bury my lady at the top for she was of noble kin."

Maybe not the festive ditty Honda was hoping for.


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