Thursday, November 25, 2010



I give thanks to my Creator that I am a human rather than any other animal; that I am a man rather than a woman (this was a much closer call in the 70s before men won the war between the sexes); that I am an American and not some poor schlub from Tajikistan or Mali; that I am relatively healthy and happy and almost all the people I know are in the same boat---but most of all I give thanks that the Democrats had the poor sense to show their true selves these past four years and therefore make the Republicans look good by comparison.

My one prayer for the future is for good leadership for our country. The Lord knows we've had precious little of that lately.


Good leadership? Well perhaps not but when it comes to the GOP, any rational person will take the under when it comes to leadership.

Regrettably, it seems that Americans have no patience and worse yet, no attention spans. But when it come to leadership, precisely what is the GOP plan?

"Well, we need more tax cuts, particularly for the people who can most afford to pay taxes. Then we need to get rid of the new health care bill b/c that is something that might inure to the benefit of people rather than corporations. Those statistic about personal bankruptcies and medical bills? That over half of them are due to medical bills and 62% of the those declaring bankruptcy because of medical bills had heath insurance. That's the free market at work."

Greetings from CT, Rog. I hope you had a nice dinner. I gotto spend time w/ my kids.

I think the plan is to cut federal spending in as many ways as possible. To do otherwise invites doom both for the party and the nation. Hope you had a good thanksgiving as well, old friend.
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