Friday, November 12, 2010


Karma--The Righteous but Black Hearted Kind

Here is an article about a man, Claude Howard Jones, executed 10 years ago whose conviction and death sentence was based in part on analysis of a recovered hair at the crime scene. The testimony at the time was that the hair was not the victim's or the accomplice's and was consistent with the hair on Jones. DNA testing has recently revealed it was not Jones' hair. The hair was the only non accomplice testimony that put Jones at the scene and Texas law requires something more than mere accomplice testimony to convict. So whether or not it was Jones' hair is a big deal, legally.

But here is a paragraph from that article:

Prosecutors also hammered on Jones' brutal past. While serving a 21-year prison sentence in Kansas, he poured a flammable liquid on his cellmate and set him on fire, killing him.

Not going to worry about this any more.


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