Saturday, November 20, 2010


Hunting 2010

Here is the slide show of the 2010 elk hunt. I still didn't shoot (6th year in a row) but at least I saw a cow elk and I did chamber a round in anticipation. Progress. I only had two days to hunt as I had to return for nursemaid duty here at home. Everyone's fine.

It is pretty up there in the snow.

Here is Gary's rag bull (his first) taken out with one shot through a pulmonary artery at 217 yards. The bull was lying down when shot and it got up and ran to the road where it expired. Mighty nice of it. I guess expecting it to jump into the truck was too much to ask. We still needed help loading it in. This was the only kill of the 7 of us by the time I had to leave.

Only later did we see that it had been shot before we walked up on it--in the knee. No wonder it didn't get up and run away. I'd guess about 4 years old and about 490 to 520 pounds. Not a wall mount but a solid bull. It will probably yield 160 pounds of edible meat, if you like that sort of thing. The entry? wound in the chest on the left and the previous knee wound on the right.

Congratulations, Gary, on your first bull elk. You did a fine job finishing off the wounded thing. Just kidding, undiluted congratulations on a clean kill. Below are 63 year old Rod, 72 year old Bob, and 57 year old me--hunting doesn't seem to be catching on with today's youth.

UPDATE: 20 elk, including a big bull, made a run along the migration path right past our group at their favorite ambush site. 6 of them didn't make it and everyone got their limit, including Harley (well named) from Wisconsin who bagged a big bull. Well done, gentlemen, sorry I missed the action. Maybe next year.


that guy there in the middle has the best snow suit onesy I have ever seen!
He certainly is not going to be mistaken for an elk while wearing that. The reason for the tree branches, I am told, is that the animals we hunt can see a single color outfit (if not the color orange) unless it's printed over with other designs.
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