Thursday, October 07, 2010


Quelle Suprise?

All of the recent civilian trials of foreign national terrorists have been utter disasters, but almost all of them have been "saved" by the desire of the terrorists to plead guilty and become incarcerated martyrs. When the Obama justice department announced during the first year that they would try in civilian courts in Manhattan several foreign national terrorists, who had attacked us overseas and had never even been in America, the outcry from right thinking individuals was immediate. Don't do it! Use the military tribunals. There's no good reason to give the illegal combatants more rights than captured proper military. You'll be sorry.

Of course, the Obama administration always knows so much better what's right than the troglodyte Republicans, so the warnings were ignored.

And what's the outcome?

Disaster, utter disaster.

Is there anything the Obama administration can do competently?

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