Sunday, September 12, 2010


Why Time Magazine is Becoming Ever More Irrelevant

On as important a subject as the history of al Qaeda on the 9th anniversary of its sneak attack on America, Time distorts the true history regarding Iraq to take the false, anti-Bush line and remove all mention of American military sacrifice and skill in defeating the franchise. Behold the left's official first draft of history:

The only al-Qaeda "chapter" to gain any traction was the one that came into existence in Iraq in response to the U.S. invasion, and thrived while its presence was tolerated as a force multiplier by mainstream Sunni insurgents. But the group's ideology and propensity for vicious sectarian murder of Shi'ites turned the insurgents against them, and eventually the bulk of the insurgency turned on al-Qaeda, with many Sunni insurgents going onto the U.S. payroll under the rubric of the "Awakening" movement.
The Chapter of al Qaeda which became known as al Qaeda in Mesopotamia and which we called al Qaeda in Iraq ("AQI") started up in the Kurdish region (under a different name) shortly after the US invasion of Afghanistan in 1991 kicked al Qaeda out of Afghanistan. It flourished there and after the cold version of Gulf War I got hot in March, 2003, it drew reinforcements from all over the Muslim part of the World because al Qaeda really wanted (and I believe expected) AQI to punish and defeat the American forces in the heart of the Caliphate. But we kicked its ass and nearly eradicated it. No one is forgetting the help of the locals in the Awakening, et al. Just as no one forgets the vital importance of the Northern Alliance to our success in kicking al Qaeda and a lot of the Taliban out of Afghanistan. However, not to mention the troops specifically tasked with destroying AQI, who did a magnificent job, and only mention the helpful locals is a distortion of true history which no red blooded American patriot should abide.

It would be like discussing the Little Big Horn battle on June 25, 1876 and only mentioning the Crow scouts and making no mention of the 7th Cavalry and its leaders other than to say that the Crow scouts were on the American payroll.

Mother of God. Is all the American media this corrupt or just ignorant?


Whereas I am uncertain whether Time is distorting true history, I know that you are making history up out of whole cloth.

AQI did not exist b/f the invasion of Iraq. AQ was harbored in Afghanistan by the Taliban. They were expelled. Then they went to Iraq, gathering Jihadi recruits. They lost local support w/o which they could not exist b/c of their brutality. Do you really think that the U.S. could have defeated AQI if it had retained the support of the local populace?

AQ will now consolidate in some other failed state, like Somalia, or a state w/o a strong central government, like Yemen.

I sometimes conclude that you truly believe there is no problem in the preferable solution is a military one.
Quit accusing me of making things up until you improve your grasp of fairly recent history. AQI (the name) indeed did not exist until after 3/03 but the exact same organization under a different name did exist before the 03 invasion. You might deign to look it up before you accuse me of making something up out of whole cloth. If you think that the post invasion change in the organization, beyond the name change, was one of quality over quantity, then there is something to discuss, but to say there was nothing at all when there was something substantial is to misstate history even though AQI got a lot bigger for a few years there. I'm not forgetting that the populace turned on AQI but we drew most of the foreign AQI types in and it was our security which allowed the locals to start dropping dimes.

The war will be a long one and the only thing that will hasten an end to it is if the billion plus good Muslims start to police their religion's murderous fringe. Right now I'm not holding my breath, but things did improve in Iraq so many things are possible. I think the only way to combat those who would murder innocents is to kill them before they murder. I'm kinda simple that way.
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