Tuesday, September 14, 2010


Thought of the Day

Is the person who has spent years in school goofing off, acting up or fighting-- squandering the tens of thousands of dollars that the taxpayers have spent on his education-- supposed to end up with his income aligned with that of the person who spent those same years studying to acquire knowledge and skills that would later be valuable to himself and to society at large?

Thomas Sowell

Almost always well worth reading, Sowell here makes clear a persistent left/right divide regarding the amorphous but feel good idea, "social justice." The right demands freedom and strives only for equality of opportunity; the left demands equality of outcome and freedom is secondary. The left's idea is unworkable and wrong. A child in kindergarten knows it's unfair to reward the goof-off and punish the hard worker, but that's precisely what the left believes in.


"Social justice" is an empty locution, similar to the oft-claimed goal of the U.S. becoming "post-racist." Each is an open-ended concept. There is no way to measure when either of those has been or will have been achieved. The left will never be satisfied that either has been achieved, and we are therefore condemned to seek each ad infinitum until our resources are exhausted.

Sort of like trying to make the tax code "fair" -- it can never be done because "fair" can never be satisfactorily defined.
Well said.
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