Monday, September 13, 2010


Selling Out -- Recent TV Commercials With Rock Miusic

Seems like a lot of rock musicians from the 80s lately selling out. Who can blame them with the music business being what it is.

How Do You Like Me Now--The Heavy for Kia automobiles

Fascination--The Human League for Samsung Android phone

Under the Milky Way--Sia (cover) for Lincoln automobiles

Major Tom--Shiny Toy Guns (cover) also for Lincoln automobiles

I Ran--Flock of Seagulls for XM Radio

Happy Together--The Turtles for Clinique

From the Morning--Nick Drake for AT&T

Love Train--O-Jays for Coors light

Saturday Night--Bay City Rollers for Planters

For Your Love--The Yardbirds for Zales

Smoke on the Water--Deep Purple (cover) for Dodge

Honey Tree--The Mostar Driving Club for Honda

Silly Boy--The Blue Van for Samsung Behold phone

Fly Me Away--Annie Little for Amazon Kindle

OK some of the latter ones were not rock at all, at least not the rock I recognize.



I am thoroughly convinced that all products should steer away from both oldies and oldies but baddies. When Jeep ran the ad w/ the singing animals harmonizing Andy Kim's "Rock Me Gently" the speed of light was broken so quickly did I reach for the channel changer.

Was it Dell that used "Lollipop?" After seeing it once, it grated.

There is a new one w/ a Buddy Holly number that will soon be anathema.

And the one (some mobile phone ad) with the Monkees'"I'm a Believer."
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