Wednesday, September 08, 2010


History and Remembrance

Here's an old post I did nearly 3 years ago about the Little Rock 9 and this morning, one of them, Carlotta Walls, gave a pretty good speech to the Arapahoe County Republican Mens Club, who gave her standing ovations both before and after she spoke. She says we've come a long way since 1957 but still have a lot to do regarding race in America. Like what, I think, but don't ask? I thought it a little weird that she seemed more critical of President Eisenhower than of racist Governor Faubus. Maybe I took her out of context.

Before that, office mate and Arapahoe Republican big wig Nathan Chambers took apart Dan Maes and then shook his hand. I thought, first, the evisceration and then the handshake. Maes might have done himself some good today, but I was already going to vote for him. I am a party man and believe that party trumps person, as Mike Rosen used to say.



How could you broach the subject of the Little Rock 9 w/o mentioning that Jefferson Thomas, one of the 9, died this week at age 67.

I would urge you to recant your stance as a "party man" unless, of course, we are talking about a toga party.

She talked about him and I knew he had died, but I really don't know anything more. I'll look into it. Good enough for Disraeli, good enough for me. Toga! Toga! Toga!
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