Thursday, July 29, 2010


Thoughts on President Obama's Popularity

Or rather the lack thereof. Here is the record, at Real Clear Politics, of the average of each of the various polls about the President's job performance since his inauguration. As you can see, he started off well nearly 70% approving and only 20% disapproving. About February 10, 2010, his numbers had declined to a point where the approval line touched the disapproval line. There was a flat period where it bounced around, touching and parting, but starting in the fourth week of July, 2010, the lines crossed, and the President slipped underwater.

Keep in mind this is just an average of all the polls, including the ones which skew the results (always in favor of the Democrat) by oversampling Democrats. The most accurate of polls, from Rasmussen, has had the President underwater for months.

Barring some sort of miracle, the trend should remain bad for the foreseeable future and that does not bode well for the 50 or so Democrats who occupy Congressional seats in districts where the majority voted for John McCain.


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