Thursday, July 29, 2010


Epic Fail

Continuing my nearly unbroken string of failures to accurately predict appellate decisions based on the questions at oral arguments (or, here, at a hearing), I note that I would have blown $100 if anyone had taken me up on my bet that Judge Bolton would not issue a stay of Arizona SB 1070.

I can tell you, as a near daily connoisseur of well crafted judicial opinions, Bolton's opinion is lousy. It is impossible to believe it will withstand judicial scrutiny in the 9th Circuit or at the Supreme Court, if necessary.

Meanwhile, the activist decision further riles the majority of the country who supported the law and hates it that neither this administration nor the prior ones for that matter, bother to enforce our immigration laws and seal our porous southern border. Even a wet brain like Chris Matthews can see Bolton's decision, granting a partial temporary injunction, is a disaster (on top of the already looming disaster about to descend on the Democratis up for election in November).


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