Friday, June 11, 2010


Second Thought of the Day

Feminists view pro-life women in politics with disgust because to a liberal woman, abortion is the key to being a liberated modern woman. They can brook no diversity and no nuance of thought. A woman ought not dare to express her concern about a baby's civil rights, for example. That's just crazy talk and undermines all women, if you're a liberal woman.

So the solution is to kick it old misogynist style and discredit the woman. If possible, demean her. Draw attention to her body. Draw attention to her sexuality. Imply that she's a slut. State outright that she has no fashion-sense. Criticize her hair. Be offended with how much leg she shows.

You know, act like a you know, achieve feminist ends. Ignore the fact that you're undermining your own cause because all is fair when it comes to slaughtering an ideological opponent.

Melissa Clouthier



This quote demonstrates that what Melissa Clothier know about femonism and pro choice women could be written w/ a broad nib pen on the back of a postage stamp.

The truth tends to sting a little, huh.
What? That what Melissa Clothier knows about feminism and about pro choice feminism could be written w/ a broad nib pen on the back of a postage stamp?

It stings not at all.

Moving on from abortion--until and unless the feminists take on the treatment of Muslim women in America and denounce the genital mutilation, arranged marriages, honor killings, etc. in loud and repeated words and actions, they will continue to be hypocritical irrelevants, a gutless waste of protoplasm. What say you now?
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