Monday, May 17, 2010


Walking Backwards

Went to hear David Brooks, who passes for a conservative on the NYT editorial pages. It was to support creation of the Tim Wirth chair at some sort of lefty training ground at UCD.

The mayor spoke first and for a long time as Governor Bill Ritter was delayed "putting out a fire" on the last day of the legislative session. (Indeed the Governor never showed.) I can't shake the feeling that Hickenlooper will be difficult to beat in November, more difficult than Ritter, a feeling apparently shared by Ritter himself.

Then Tim Wirth spoke, and all I can remember is his effusive praise of the totally unrealistic, diminished carbon emission goals the Democrats have set for the state as part of the "No Energy Economy" which will apparently rely on expensive, intermittent sources like wind generators and photovoltaic arrays. Oh, along with greater use of natural gas, which is good. How long was Wirth our Senator? Just one term apparently, before he moved on to Global Affairs in the Clinton administration and some good work with the UN since. He's a big Warmie True Believer and thus wasting tons of money and driving off jobs in support of inadequate and unnecessary alternative energy is seen as good by him.

Brooks is a very pleasant fellow who can flat out tell a humorous story and he has the same sort of ability to see the core of some human truths that Jerry Seinfeld has. But he really thought, thinks, that Barack Obama is cool and so it is a series of painfully pulled punches he now throws at the current administration. I usually praise those who can actually see and articulate the bleeding obvious but it's as if Brooks knows that continued effusive praise will just alienate his audience (at the NYT--his audience at the dinner last week was very much in full Obama support mode).
He just can't seem to make the adjustment in his head (scales falling from eyes?) to walk back the position he took during the election when he was, in my view, totally duped.

But that's not the weird part. There was a guy there, I think I recognize him as a fellow lawyer, who still had the store security tab on his jacket. What's up with that?

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