Wednesday, April 14, 2010


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These days, feminism isn’t a movement at all, really, but a collection of blogs obsessed with the pop culture it claims to be victimized by, a forum for women who promote themselves as victims of a patriarchy that no longer exists, a pretend movement that contains within it no forward movement at all, only a fetal-like desire to curl up on itself, muttering Women’s Studies jargon, and handing out trigger warnings like party favors at a girl’s-only slumber party.

Susannah Breslin


Good quote.

If feminism were an honest movement, it would have celebrated the political ascent of Gov. Palin, rather than denigrating her.
Couldn't agree more. I recall a documentary on Denver's pioneering female orchestra conducter, Antonia Brico, and she said at one point that other women had been worse obsticals to her career than any man had been. What's up with that?
Jealousy. We women can be TERRIBLY jealous of one another, and many feel no shame about it.
That would explain some of the hate coming from Republican women against former Governor Palin, too, I think.
Dear Rog,

I transmitted this post and the comments to it to my graduate student scion and here is her response:

Please forward my response to Roger.

I offer this comment with all due respect, though I must say, I am struggling to respect your decision to post this particular quotation.

Your decision to post this comment, let alone agree with it, is mere reflection of your lack of familiarity with and understanding of the contemporary feminst movement and the discipline of women’s studies. I must admit, I am rather unfamiliar with the work of Susannah Breslin – then again, I am an academic, and within the academy, the “blogosphere,” while a valuable anthropological tool, is not a source to cite.


If you think the patriarchy no longer exists, you are wrong. If you think women should have been supportive of Sarah Palin because she is a woman, you are stuck in a moment of identity politics that women’s studies moved past after the late-1980s. (Who isn’t moving forward now?) Your repitition of a comparison of the discipline of women’s studies to a “girl’s only slumber party” is entirely pejorative and offensive.

With all due respect, grow up.
Or, at least do your homework next time. There is a wealth of literature outside of the “blogosphere” that would disprove Ms. Breslin’s ill-informed, misguided, and frankly, stupid quotation.

Let me know if you would care for a reading list.

Yeah, send me the list. Like most civil rights outfits, the feminists were a victim of their own success. But organizations like NOW are wholly owned subsidiaries of the Democratic Party, who see the splinter of Western European and American minor bad actions but seem to miss the huge beam of Muslim (and Chinese?)mistreatment of women. That the feminists en masse gave Clinton a pass for his mistreatment of women also hurt their credibility. It's not that you all should have supported Palin because she is a woman but that you should have been outraged by her treatment by the press etc. That you all didn't feel the slightest bit of outrage further damaged the cause's credibility. I think the contemporary feminist movement is worthy of all the ridicule and criticism Ms. Breslin threw at it. They are misguided, lacking in judgment and, thankfully, largely irrelevant. Thanks for the comment--it was quite scholarly.
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