Sunday, April 11, 2010


False Flag Operations

I didn't really want to talk about these, certainly not in the abstract, as that discussion makes you sound like a paranoid crazy person of the 9/11 Truther type. However, a few recent events has made an exegesis of a few concrete examples appealing.

First a definition and a few historical examples--False flag operations are when you pretend to be the other side and do things ostensibly bad for your side but which will put the other side in a bad light and allow you to do what you want in reaction. The Japanese, in 1931, blew up a section of railroad, blamed it on Manchurians and then invaded Manchuria to punish the saboteurs (the Marco Polo Bridge incident was similar). In 1939, Nazis, under the command of Reinhard Heydrich, pretended to be Polish invaders of Germany to justify Germany's invasion of Poland. The Soviets shelled the Russian village of Mainila on the Finnish border to justify the Soviet invasion of Finland at the start of the Winter War. I'm aware all of these are from the 30s, are all admitted, and were all perpetrated by regimes we generally think of as evil. Again, I'm trying to steer clear of paranoid delusions.

What are the recent, and much milder, ones? After passage of the Health Care reform disaster, there was, it seemed, a media decision to highlight violent reaction one would naturally attribute to the right. Immediately called to mind are rocks thrown through windows of Democrats. There were reports of several of these (including one on the 30th floor of a skyscraper--sign that rock thrower up for the Rockie's rotation). But hold on there, kitty cat; we here in Denver know that the busted windows of Democratic HQ at 8th and Santa Fe a few months ago was the result of Lefty property damage because the gendertroubled window breaker got caught in the act (at least one of the window breaking team was caught). Had Denvers Finest not been lucky enough to be there when the glass started shattering, we all would have thought the vandalism was from the right. Indeed, one of the top state Democrats, Pat Waak, said it was right wing violence even after the political affiliation of the perpetrator was clear. How many of the other Democrats' windows broken recently were self-inflicted? Impossible to know the answer to that, but, just so, it is impossible to dismiss the possibility based on the above cited local history.

What about the future? It is clear that the Obama administration and its poodle media have attempted to diminish the importance and impact of the tea party by disparagement. The tea partyers are called racists (and nearly all of that is lies, and Mark Steyn has eloquently pointed out a particularly discouraging example of that campaign) and radical and dangerous by even the hosts of shows on MSNBC and CNN. There is now allegedly a plot by lefties to infiltrate the tea party protests this tax day, with the infiltrators doing their best to denigrate the real tea party attendees.

How to tell then where the tea party really stands, and who stands with them?

Just go and observe. Be your own news gatherer. See how racist, offensive, violent and radical these citizens are (how little they are in each category, that is). Such inspection, I believe, will show the media to be not only biased but corrupt; it will show those who support the tea party what they already knew and it will open the eyes of those who judge the majority of the media as reliable.


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