Monday, April 12, 2010


The Cold Facts on Catlin

Last year the Catlin team of earnest but inept Warmie true believer Polar Adventurers were dropped off on the Arctic ice about 930 Km from the pole and, I truly believe, they thought they had a fair chance of walking over the ice to the pole. They didn't even get close. This time they were dropped off only about 580 Km from the pole. They report their present position as 86.44 N which means they have 3 and two thirds degrees of longitude yet to travel, which is just under 410 Km. They make 10 klicks on a good day, so just 40 days left to travel to reach the pole. They were picked up last year on May 14, 2009, so they probably don't have 40 days left to travel this year.

Why not just be dropped on the North Pole itself and let them walk out south as far as they can?



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