Thursday, March 18, 2010


Whip Count

Looking around to see how the vote on ObamaCare will possibly go in the near future (Sunday?), the most recently updated site I could find was uberlefty FireDogLake. They have the count in two ways--official: 191 Yes, 206 No and including leaners: 203 Yes, 210 No. Which means of the remaining 18 Representatives, who are truly undecided, the Dems are going to have to pick up 13. 13 of 18, that's nearly 3 out of 4 (actually 72%) which seems tough but, I guess, doable.

Still, the President postponed the Far East Trip to June--June!--and they've been leaning on the only Republican, Mr. Cao from Lousiana, who voted for it the first time. If it was going well with the Democrats would they need to lean on a Republican who had previously announced that he was a 'no' on the Senate Bill? Finally, is 'deem and pass' (Demon Pass) a sign of confidence or desperation?

I guess the real sign that the Democrats whips feel they have the votes will be that Speaker Pelosi announces a vote. If it's merely a bluff, then the vote will never come.


Check out "The Anchoress" blog on the "nuns" who are for the Obamacare bill. This is a far-left group that does not represent most of the Catholic Church.
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