Thursday, March 04, 2010


Two Reasons to Take up Archery

Your right arm gets stronger and you can go hunting in September for deer and elk. What? You thought I meant something else?

The Amazons, if they existed, were said to have cut off (or actually burned off just after birth) their right breast so they could bring back the bow string easily (or thow a spear without impediment). What a shame! Particularly with this archer.

My favorite Amazon story involves Achilles and Penthesilea. It seems that Achilles was fighting the Amazons at Troy and he engaged one and when he saw her face, he instantly fell in love but unfortunately he was in the process of killing her with his spear, a wood and iron one. Kind of a tragic tale, but it affirms what I believe, that it only takes an istant to fall in love. Robert Graves mentions that Achilles practiced a little necrophilia thereafter, but Graves always went for the basest gossip. Others say Achilles fell in love only after her helmet was removed. Thersites made fun of him for falling in love with someone he killed and Achilles killed him with a single blow to the face.

Achilles was apparently a bad dude.


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