Tuesday, March 09, 2010


Oscar Picks Results

In the big 9, I got 7 right: Best picture, director (always go with the Director's Guild's choice), actors and actresses, supporting and lead, and original screenplay. I missed adapted screenplay by going with that I liked rather than with the rule (what pick puts Hollywood in the best light). Actually in that category, In the Loop was the best by a wide margin. I also missed best foreign film. I thought the Krauts had nailed it with The White Ribbon, but the Argentinians stole it. I got best song right (and thank God they don't do those live anymore) so 8 for 10 (the song is the tie breaker). Good enough to win this year.

Regarding the remaining 14, I got 6 right. That's not so good.

They come out for the lead actors and actresses and talk to them, then they list the 5 people they just talked to. Stop that. It's stupid. The In Memoriam part was good, as usual, although they missed Farrah Fawcett (she had more movie credits than Michael Jackson, whom they included). The horror pastiche was OK. The interpretive dancing (although very athletic) was just awful. Stop that. I hate to say this, but Bladwin was funnier than Martin, although Martin had the 'licensed fool' role.


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