Monday, March 01, 2010


Misinformation from NPR

I was listening to NPR (it happens) yesterday and a lady scientists from the US Geological survey came on to talk about Antarctic ice melt. Of course it was just the Antarctic Peninsula on which lately some very minor ice shelves seem to be breaking up from tidal forces not melting but then there was this oddity. the last 20 years, I would say at least 20,000 square kilometers of ice has been lost, and that's comparable to an area somewhere between the state of Texas and the state of Alaska.
What a maroon! 20,000 is less than the size of New Jersey (22,590 square km) and about 2% of Texas. It's just a rounding error for Alaska which is over one million seven hundred thousand square kilometers big.

I'm sure Dr. Ferrigno knows some geology, but she ought to brush up on her geography before she makes a fool of herself before perhaps 100,000 listeners. Everyone makes mistakes, but why do all the mistakes Warmie scientists make slant towards the warming effects being worse than they actually are?

UPDATE: Anthony Watt published a posting about this appalling ignorance today. Good to beat him to the punch.


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