Sunday, February 14, 2010


Using Hitler's Big Lie Method

The Nazi theory was that no matter how big or bald faced the lie, if you repeat it often enough, it takes on a kind of legitimacy and can be used as a political issue. The American left is using this method against the Bush Administration by saying, without justification, that Americans tortured al Qaeda illegal enemy combatants captured during the early part of our fighting back, post 9/11/01, against the war Muslim extremists were waging against us.

The Obama administration has unfortunately declassified the history of enhanced interrogation of the top al Qaeda leaders so captured. I say 'unfortunately' because it is a huge mistake to tell the enemy how we interrogate so that they can train to withhold information better than if they didn't know what they faced. The only good thing to come from this strategic mistake is that it allows various members of the Bush Administration to defend themselves from the per se slander the left heaps upon them.

Author of Courting Disaster, Marc Thiessen, for example, has been defending himself and the program itself very well, even from the smug lunacy of Lawrence O'Donnell and his execrable questions. But O'Donnell is not the only one repeating the torture big lie. Take for example David Cole writing for the far left pulp magazine The Nation. He not only asserts, without deigning to support with facts, that we tortured individuals, but that any report about the lawyers who examined and wrote about the limits of our torture legislation (Jay Bybee and John Woo), which report does not find them guilty of supporting torture, is a white wash. There's a closed mind.

The Big Lie only works if people allow the mere repetition to substitute for common sense convincing. Look at the facts, decide from those. Defeat the Nazi tactics again.

Oh, and keep in mind these following inconvenient facts:

We waterboard thousands of American military each year during SERE training. It's not torture.

The enhanced interrogation worked like a charm and we obtained sufficient intelligence therefrom to keep our nation safe from foreign attack for nearly 8 years.

When shoe bomber Richard Reid was arrested after his failed attempt, there were no military tribunals nor any detention center in Cuba to hold alternative prosecutions.

All of the high level Title 3 court trials during the Bush Administration have been close to unmitigated disasters and it was only the guilty pleas of the terrorists which saved our bacon.

It is the left which has railed unceasingly against holding our illegal combatant captures for the duration and the right which was against release of any detainee, but they were overruled by the Bush Administration. We're still against any such release and it's not a change of position.


Mr. Fraley,

Never mind the climate change argument. The ease to which you jump to the "triple-dog-dare" of Godwin's law, reveals you as the lunatic that you are. You stand where you stand indeed. Enjoy your alternate reality.
Thanks for the cogent criticism. Very illuminating.
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