Wednesday, February 17, 2010


The Empire Strikes Back, Feebly

The big, pro-AGW blog, what I call Warmie Central, Real Climate, founded and largely run by Gavin Schmidt, et al., has a response to the storm of criticism, particularly from the British press, which Schmidt calls Whatevergate. Not all that clever a title, but clever titles are hard.

Here, ranging from condescending sarcasm to base name-calling, are but a few samples of the attacks Mr. Schmidt doles out:

The skeptics that (sic) were interviewed tended to be the slightly more sensible kind--people who did actually realize that CO2 was a greenhouse gas for instance. pretending to their editors that this nonsense [skepticism] hasn't been debunked a hundred times already...

So far, so stupid.

Nothing has changed the self evidently ridiculousness of their [skeptics'] arguments...

Someone who thinks GW is a hoax is a crank.

Some of the people who do not agree with us are ridiculous--treating their arguments as if they were reasonable is pointless.

There is plenty of real substance to discuss, and yet the media is (sic) retreating to the first grade play room.
And here is a classic psychological projection; Schmidt calls the skeptics 'GW hoaxers.'

That's telling.

He predicts that the CRU e-mail release inquiry will exonerate all involved of "fraud, fabrication or scientific misconduct."

He predicts that this recent unpleasantness is merely a bump along the difficult path of the enlightened climate elite's finally convincing the witless rubes that the AGW threat is real.

Let's see if his predictions of non-climate phenomena are any more accurate than his predictions regarding climate.


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