Saturday, January 30, 2010


Why Being an AGW Denier Is No Longer Fun

I'm back to really wondering if there has been significant warming of the planet at all since the mid-80s. The loss of 75% of the reporting weather stations and the cherry picking among those remaining by the Warmie priest/scientists makes me doubt all the land based records and rely only on the satellite records, which are not scary at all, although relatively short lived. But it's not fun being an Anthropogenic Global Warming denier anymore for two reasons.

1. The guy who is successfully impersonating the late Osama bin Laden is a Warmie. Noscitur a sociis.

2. The fraud of AGW is falling apart. I feel like I'm with the majority now rather than in the van of a small group of seriously skeptical non scientists who knew something was wrong with the climate alarmism. It's no longer cool to be a skeptic. Everyone is now.

We've won.


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