Thursday, January 07, 2010


Thoughts on Governor Bill Ritter's Announced Retirement

He said that he was not running again because he wanted to spend more time with his family. That's become a much rediculed excuse or pretext for other, more embarassing reasons. Three of his four children are grown and only one seems to "need" him as I understand the needs of children (which is not well). On the other hand, his excellent wife Jeannie seems in many photos to be thrilled with the announcement. So, I'm going to take him at his word and not speculate on more nefarious reasons for his decision to be a one term Governor of Colorado.

On the other hand, had Bill been ten points up in the polls vis a vis the Republicans running, and was President Obama not sinking like a stone in popularity polls, I don't think he would have pulled out. Sorry to doubt you, Bill, but Republican party boss Dick Wadhams makes too much sense.

It is good news for Democrats as Bill was hurting in the polls and despite a relatively weak challenger (non-Conservative Republican Scott McInnis) but if it's not Secretary of the Interior Ken Salazar (whom I don't like) nor former Speaker of the state House Andrew Romanoff (whom I do like) because it's tough to switch races at this point (he's running for the Senate seat), is it going to be popular Mayor of Denver Hickenlooper as the new candidate? I really doubt Hickenlooper will run, unless he secretly wants a divorce. Hmmm So who? Polis? Perlmutter? O'Brien? Kennedy? Stay tuned.


From the letter Ritter sent out to state employees:

"By not running for re-election, I’ll be able to make the tough and unpopular decisions that simply need to get made – free and clear of the sometimes bitter partisan politics of an election year."

For whatever that's worth.
You can always make the tough and unpopular decisions that simply need to get made--you don't need lame duck status to do it. For what that's worth. Thanks for the comment, Doug.
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