Friday, January 29, 2010


Thoughts (from a phony) About J D Salinger's Death

Reclusive, non-prolific author Jerome David Salinger died very recently. He wrote one novel, The Catcher in the Rye, and some short stories (generally about the family Glass). That's it. His novel is the favorites of all those who feel alienated from their surroundings without being able to articulate the reasons for their alienation. The book came out in 1951 and has been in the coat pocket or back pack of a long line of loner/losers, including crazy John Hinkley, Jr. and the murderer of John Lennon (or so I heard). I have no doubt that if the novel had come out in 1921, it would have been in Adolf Hitler's coat pocket, next to his heart.

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That's a bit harsh. After reading your comment, I thought, "Why has Roger, by implication, become the champion of conformity?" As for Hitler, he was a proponent of conformity. Alas, he was neither a loner nor a loser, until he lost a war which he began and had no hope of winning.

It seems to me that Hitler would have packed Holden Caulfield off to a concentration camp along w/ Jews, Gypsies, and other undesirables.

The tone of your comment places you much closer to Adolph Hitler than I think you intended.

I'm a phony not a conformist per se. And Hitler wasn't a loner/loser? See his history 1919 through his prison years after the looser Putsch. Like Indiana Jones, I hate Nazis and their leader.
Gee Rog, I think more members of my extended family died as a result of Hitler than yours. I don't think you want to match dicks w/ me on this issue.

I spoke only of conformity of which Ol' Schickelgruber was a big fan. Read your last comment again and I think you will agree that you coulld have made your point more credibly and w/o the possibility of controversy and controversion had you just left out your last sentence.

"Nothing but the facs, Ma'am."

I meant "facts."
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