Sunday, January 03, 2010


This Very Dissapointing Week

This Week, the ABC Sunday talking heads show no longer with George Stephanopolous, took a very wrong turn this week with guest host Terry Moran (I wont pun on his name but it was an awful show under his leadership). Let me point out where Mr. Moran went wrong. Here is the show's website, but we had to wait for Real Clear Politics to do the transcript.

He was semi-OK (that is, he was fair to the degree the lefty media is capable of) for about 15 minutes with the very less than impressive John Brennan and with the panel of Congresspeople (Lieberman and Collins from the Senate, Pete Hoekstra and Jane Harmon from the House). Then he asked only Democrat Rep. Harmon about the recent complaints from former Vice President Cheney about President Obama's failure to take seriously the war being waged against us by Islamic extremists. No one else got to talk about those comments. No one got a chance to defend the Vice President. He immediately followed that up with a very partisan question to Rep. Hoekstra. Let's look at that more closely.

Moran asked editorially:

Once upon a time, there was a tradition of solidarity in refraining from criticizing the president at the time the nation was under attack. Three days after this attempt to kill 300 people over the skies of Detroit, you sent out a fundraising letter...

We used to refrain from criticising our president during a war? When, 1945? Was Moran asleep during the thick sh**storm from Democrats President Bush (son) had to endure for about 7 years? (Moran was not asleep during the past decade, so the question is dissembling at best). So he picks on Hoekstra for trying to raise money for his campaign by highlighting his strength on national security as opposed to President Obama's weakness. Oh, the humanity. So he invites a Republican on and then tries to embarrass him with the necessaries of political life, fundraising. Here's the short version--How dare you criticize our President. Almost makes you yearn for the time when, for Democrats, dissent was the highest form of patriotism.

Then the panel was four very partisan journalists versus George Will. It was almost a fair fight intellectually and would have been at perfect parity had they made Will get drunk before the on camera discussion. Cynthia Tucker supported criminal prosecutions of illegal combatants by saying it was better than torturing them in black prisons. No extreme (and wrong) partisanship there.

Jake Tapper, who is at least capable of asking a difficult question to Democrats, was not very smooth last week, but the Keith Olbermann wannabe, Moran, is an ethical (I know, I know, journalistic ethics) and watchability train wreck. So I think he's all but in as Stephanopolous's replacement.


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