Thursday, January 07, 2010


Report on the American War Dead in Afghanistan and Iraq

For the first time in a long time, there were no combat related deaths of Americans in Iraq; and things have calmed down quite a bit in Afghanistan due, no doubt, to its harsh Winter. Here are the very low numbers as announced by the Department of Defense for December, 2009:

In Iraq, two soldiers died from non combat causes and one death is a complete mystery. That's it, three deaths. In Afghanistan, six Americans were killed by IEDs, two in combat operations, two from small arms and two from non combat causes. That's twelve and the total of American servicemen killed in the war being waged against us by Islamic extremists is 15, less than one every other day.

No officers nor anyone with a feminine first name were killed. There was an incident in a CIA base in Afghanistan where a Jordanian double agent turned out to be a single agent after all and he killed several CIA employees with a suicide vest bomb. I'm tempted to count these guys as military casualties but I won't as this recurrent posting is about purely military deaths.

We'll see what happens in Afghanistan during the always Dreaded Taliban Spring Offensive. Things are by no means certain--no more certain than our civilian shakey will to fight back over the long term. Many of our Republican leaders are looking like they are willing to slink back to the traditional and shameful Republican position called isolationism. Our soldiers et al. are almost certainly able to continue fighting for a long time but the Dems have not been able to get past 4 years lately and if the Republicans start to fold...


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