Monday, January 18, 2010


One Difference Between Democrats and Republicans

Many of the lefty elitists look at a very religious Christian, an Evangelical, for example, who believes in the literal truth of the Bible and does not accept Darwin's theory of evolution, and think, "What is wrong with that person?" He or she is so stupid, there must be something lacking, like a brain. The lefty elitist feels infinitely superior to the Evangelical.

I, on the other hand, and many in the big tent of the Republican party, look at that same individual and I admire his or her faith, and his or her ability to accept without hesitation God's message and manifest love. I look at the Evangelical as a kind of negative mirror in which I see myself as wanting, not superior.

However, Darwin's almost certainly right about the origin of species, while it is an unanswered question regarding the origin of life. I believe it is possible, if not quite probable, that God created life here on Earth in the first place, a position even Darwin accepted as literally true.


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