Wednesday, January 13, 2010


My Local Sources Suck

After being reassured that Denver Mayor Hickenlooper would not under any circimstances run this time for Governor, now that former DA Bill Ritter has said he needs to spend more time with the near empty nest family and won't run this year for a second term, Hickenlooper has declared he's in. Let's see how our affable and Democratic mayor does statewide even against the not that well liked, not that Conservative Scott McGinnis.

Sorry for the misinformation--I'll try not to let that happen again.



In my opinion, Colorado, although home to some conservatives, is by and large, not that a conservative a state. Our governors, since I moved here in 1971, have been OK even though I did not think much of Bill Owens who never met a bill that whittled away at workers' rights that he did not like.

The primary issue confronting the state is the economy, and hence the budget, which cannot be blamed (credibly) on the Gov. or anyone else.

I hope we are in for a nuanced campaign related to specific issues.

At lest Ritter will serve out his term instead of going rouge (sorry, I could not resist) and abandoning his constituents to become a media whore.

You should hand out w/ Grace and hear her comment about La Palin and her book.

I'm only 25 pages into Going Rogue. Not the page turner I was hoping for yet. How are you and your family? So Grace is anti-Palin, huh? The apple doesn't fall far from the tree, does it?
That's how orchards are planted. Expect e-mail soon.

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