Sunday, December 13, 2009


Thought of the Day

Had candidate Obama empathized with bad/worse choices in every war, rather than simplistically demonizing his predecessor, the public might be more sympathetic to his present plight.

Victor Davis Hanson



Thought of the Day:

Quoting people who disparage the President is just more of the same. The blogosphere and the media is crammed with such people. For the most part, whether they are Victor Davis Hanson or Rush Limbaugh, they illuminate little and their quotes can be reduced to: "I hate this guy. If you are a right thinking American, you should too. Hooray for our side."

Few of them are clever, and almost none of them have anything to say that would possibly persuade someone who likes the president, to reconsider his policies.

This is a good blog so why make it a billboard for the anti Obamas?

I am not suggesting that you should eschew criticizing him, but make it your own criticism. If I wanted to read Victor Davis Hanson, I would read him. I don't want to read him. I want to read you, and I am not sorry about that.

It has become tedious to read all the trivial remarks: "He didn't go to Berlin," "He didn't use the word 'win'", "He didn't sound enough like Churchill," "He bowed too low."

Let's discuss the substance. It's what makes this site different.

One more thought. We endured eight years of a president who could not cobble together a coherent sentence, much less a coherent paragraph. In my opinion, that inability with the written and spoken word, translated into policies that were no less coherent, but I recognize that reasonable people might differ on this issue.

So criticizing the President's speeches, when one necessarily is compelled to contrast him with George W. Bush, doesn't get a lot of traction.


Sorry, T, I try to find good things to say about our President, but his actions (and inactions) make it nearly impossible to say anything good about him. You would do well to read some Hanson, a remarkable classicist with an encyclopedic knowledge of military history. Thanks for the comment. I could go back to epigrams in Greek, I guess.
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