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Looking Past the E-Mails

I don't know computer code from Cretan Linear B. The last time I wrote a program, I saved it on paper tape with huge and little holes in it, and my program took about all the free bytes available on my high school's main frame. So this guy could be leading us by the nose, but Hadley CRU and GISS have always produced global temperature measurements above the satellite measurers so the difference was either heat island artifact or crafty manipulation. It's really looking like the latter now, and the whistle blower released documents are indeed proving a timely help to us who look on Warmie alarmists as we look on Aztec priests pulling out hearts. There's a reason that the alphabet broadcast news networks have ignored the document drop we're apparently calling Climategate

Oh, and here is a good refutation of the "Nothing here to see, folks, move along" apologists regarding the e-mails, etc. I really liked it. Wonder who, really, Sean is.

Despite the yawning and ignoring by the left stream media, this really is a big thing.


As a scientist, this whole ordeal is disturbing to me for a number of reasons. All of this is indeed damaging to the global warming crowd. However, it is also very damaging to the scientific community as a whole.

Honesty and integrity are necessities for science to advance. Failure to abide by this code slows the progress of science and can often take it on a detour. Intentional actions of a scientist that go beyond simple misinterpretation of data or ineptitude are most despicable.

One of the mortal sins a scientist can commit is making a conclusion and using the data to support the conclusion and then manipulating the data when it doesn't support the desired conclusion. That seems to be exactly what many of these climate scientists have been doing. I've been a part of my own share of studies that didn't support my original hypothesis. In those cases, you go back to the drawing board.

These scientists have taken climate science down a significant detour. Apparently, not by incompetence but with what can only be described as malicious intent.

However, what makes science great is that it is inherently self-correcting. Honest science will always correct its errors given enough time.

The major problem with global warming science is that by the time the corrections are made, world wide economies will be damaged. Probably irreparably.

[[I hope the hip is healing well]]
We rejected Kyoto 95 to 0 in the Senate (which approves treaties) and even though Clinton signed it, he never presented it for approval. Copenhagen will soon host a treaty conference but what they're talking about has the same problem as Kyoto, no effect on China or India, which are tiny per capita CO2 producers but with over a billion each in population,... Cap and Trade seemed doomed in the Senate, so I guess I'm not with you on the damage, at least to America, this hoax will produce, but you are eloquent about what the e-mails, etc. have done to science as a whole and how science as a whole recovers.
The hip is good, don't like the drugs I'm still taking but had a good night's sleep and things just seem brighter. Thanks for asking.
Much is being made of the e-mails because everyone in the general public "get" e-mail, and some of the things those e-mails reveal. As recovering programmer, I was interested in the program source code comments (not so much the code's been 25 years since I've touched Fortran).

What the developer's comments show is that he hadn't clue one about the data structure of the climate data files his program was supposed to be analyzing.
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