Thursday, December 03, 2009


A Long Recovery

I had a total right hip replacement on Monday. All I can remember is getting to the surgery on a gurney but not past that. And then waking up in the recovery room. I have been walking with crutches a lot and doing the exercises in the hospital, where the nurses and staff were great. One by one the tubes all were removed. I'd declare it a total success, but I have three months of recovery to go. That's March 1, 2010. Boy, that seems a long way away.

Anyway, that's my excuse for the light posting. Good as any.


Good luck with the have been missed by your fans, especially in view of the breaking news on the agw front. Looking forward to your incisive analysis.
Thank you. I missed doing it. Not always sure how incisive my analysis is, but I do think like a lawyer, so...
Hope you are up and running soon. Damn, that must hurt!
Ouch! Hope you're feeling better, Roger. They say it's routine, but "hip replacement" just sounds pretty dramatic to me.
I'm up and walking, Mike. No pain really (I did take one narcotic pain pill and regularly non narcotic pain pills whose name escapes me) The scar and bruising on my hip and butt tells me that something bad happened two Mondays ago. It should be a good thing eventually.
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